beatriz baranowski

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Beatriz Baranowski

Beatriz Baranowski is a yoga teacher, somatic therapist and artist.
Passionate about dancing, started her studies at the age of 8, dedicating herself to classical and modern dance. Dancing made possible to meet with great artists like Eliana Karin, Flavio Sampaio, Ceme Jambay and Carlota Portella: inspirations and living examples of the passion for their art. Dance allowed expression beyond the words and communicated what transcended the words. It elevated the spirit through the senses to a higher level of experience, it turned into a source of life force and a living expression.

Some training excesses in her teens led to important injuries and kindled the interest in a body that was not only a predictable and measurable physical support, but a vast field of silent experiences: memories, subtle energies, paths and trails of emotion moving through organs and systems. While favorable circumstances produced health, hostile environments and traumatic experiences could produce blockages and chronic symptoms.

At this point in time starts practicing Yoga with Orlando Cani, the first Hatha Yoga teacher at the age of 16. Books on Yoga and other oriental philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese Medicine became part of the readings. Acupuncture has always been the most effective method for dealing with injuries and the demands of a ballerina’s life. She begins to study the relationship between emotion and the endocrine system, behavior and posture, physiology.

The need for expression emerged into other kinds of art. Paintings and drawings tried to dance with their vibrant shapes and colors. They also spoke of a search for freedom, movement and unity that had the body as a starting point. She started writing poems and to teach streching and conscious movement classes.
It took some years before she could return to dancing professionally, at the age of 25, joining the Atelier de Coreografia de João Saldanha, later working with Esther Weitzman and Ana Vitória Freire. In parallel to the work with the companies, Beatriz developed solo dance performances with musicians who played live in a dialogue between music, movement and texts of her own. Pepe Barcellos on percussion, Joana Queiroz on flute, Mariana Cunha on cello were partners in live performances.
She practiced Muscular Dynamics, Alexander Technique and met the Power Yoga of Lygia Lima and Marco Shultz.

In parallel to dancing, graduated in Physiotherapy, complementing her studies in later courses such as: Yoga (with Marco Shultz), Pilates Solo and Studio with Physiopilates, Movement Reeducation with Ivaldo Bertazzo and Muscular Chains – GDS method _ the two last vital studies for the work as a somatic therapist. Studied in Rio and São Paulo with exponents of Psychoanalytic Psychosomatics in open courses and graduated in Somatic Experience – Peter Levine’s legacy of inestimable value for the healing of trauma.

The encounter with Vedanta brought about the greatest paradigm shift and the certainty of having found a precise and unbreakable direction. She started studying with Gloria Arieira in 2004, a pillar and reference not only of knowledge, but of motherhood, discernment, precision, commitment and clarity. In 2007, was introduced to the Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, which would literally transform all aspects of life. The importance of service, of living knowledge in the everyday life, the encounter with a love free from distortions, manipulations and control would save her life. Great teachers and masters, different translations of the solidity and imperishability of the vedic culture and praxis.

Worked for 7 years as coordinator for the “All round training for Excellence” project of the International Association for Human Values in Brazil _aiming the development of social skills, emotional resilience and raising human values_ for children between 7 and 12 years old. The project offered the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of students from all social levels, cultural and educational backgrounds.
Through her voluntary service at Art of Living, she met Iolanda Matarolli, founder and director of Solar Meninos de Luz, a memorable social work with unparalleled resilience and courage, portraits of Iolanda herself who would become another source of inspiration. A life dedicated to children, to the community, to others, Iolanda lives in the hearts of everyone who lived with her and who sensed her inexhaustible source of love and dedication.

In partnership with Roberta Arantes, film-maker and educator, developed with the support of the Art of Living the project “From existing to being: turning invisible people, visible” involving the awakening of human values, relief from stress and trauma, yoga, art and therapies for orphans at Casa da Esperança.
Casa da Esperança is a part of the AVICRES NGO, founded by Joahannes Niedermeier, in Baixada Fluminense, who brought the values of Liberation Theology to the lives of children who would find in João and his team a refuge amid the harsh reality of the poor neighbourhood of Rio.

The memorable encounters with the intelligent, unique and precise presence of Eliane Siqueira in study groups in Brazil, the legacy and loving presence of Paulo Murilo Rosas with his team of teachers in Copacabana, the privilege of the conversations and support of Jonas Masetti, the classes and audios of Swamini Atmaprakashananda, the friendship and support of the wise friend Fernando Luis dos Santos, whose faith really helped to “move mountains”. The direct contact with swamis in the service projects of the Art of Living Organization, like Swami Paramtej, of incredible lightness and strength. She was surrounded by sages and poets of life, in addition to her friends, who would come to hold her hands during the longest crossing that was about to come.

After many years working as a dancer, therapist and teacher in Brazil, with a long experience directing projects aimed at children in a state of social vulnerability, Beatriz moves with this background to Germany in 2018. Gratuates at the Sri Sri School of Yoga Europe teacher training, starts working in this country as a Yoga teacher, somatic therapist and with children with learning difficulties. Has the opportunity to assist Carla Scheidegger in the “Empathie in der Schule” project and to work again in the corporate environment as a yoga teacher. The experience at Action Aid, Trevo and General Electric were decisive for the work at Münchener Verein.

In regular contact with students, patients and friends in Brazil, she is one of the coordinators and teachers at the Sri Sri School of Yoga Brazil and with the Consulate of India, part of the team responsible for the International Yoga Day project in Rio de Janeiro, since 2015.


"When I had my first contact with the practice of Yoga, in 2011 I thought: “this is definitely not for me.” However, one day I was invited to a Yoga class with Professor Bia Gaspar, there that class was love❤️ to the first Asana! Professor Bia Gaspar conducted a Magic practice, a true dance for emotions. The way She conducts the practice, the respect for the student and with great honor to Yoga, were the decisive factors of transformation. I am forever grateful to have A Bia side by side on this path"

Gutho, Businessman

"Your classes make us on the path to transcending feelings and challenges in material life!!"

Giselle Pinho, Businesswoman

"As a yoga student, whenever I practice under Bia's guidance, I come back more organized internally. I realize that I am invited to investigate the relationship of the body - which is tangible, as well as observable - with unconscious habits and I leave as if I have more senses, in addition to being more ready to exchange with the outside."

Marcella Motta, student